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2022: Elite squad of Swiss Sailing Team SST and start with new coach and team

New sponsor: Lexus brand ambassador

Shortly before Christmas, I was able to receive the keys to a Lexus UX 250h from Christian F. Wellauer, Director of Lexus Switzerland - many thanks for this great support.



When I first began to engage with the Lexus brand, I was won over by the unparalleled satisfaction of Lexus drivers. This speaks for high quality, safety and solidity. As a competitive athlete, I share the same values, I am also a perfectionist - and strive for innovation and well thought-out and perfect solutions. What I do, I do right - I focus uncompromisingly on my goals until I achieve them. I think this is also true for Lexus and reflects the high expectations of Lexus drivers.

307A0390 Lexus.jpg

I am proud and excited to represent the Lexus brand. As an elite sailor, I travel internationally - thanks to the Lexus UX 250h as my faithful and reliable companion, I will be able to concentrate on competitive sport and know that I will arrive at the respective destination comfortably, safely and, thanks to hybrid technology, in an environmentally friendly manner.

Lexus is not just a car brand - behind Lexus are employees who live the corporate philosophy in every detail. Thank you Joël Vergères for the successful lettering "my Lexus UX 250h". And it's no coincidence that my (first) BE number still contains my date of birth. Perfectionism by Lexus. Thanks!

New member B cadre & nominated for Award Swiss Sailing

In addition to being promoted to the B cadre of the Swiss Sailing Team, I am also nominated for the Swiss Sailing award Junior Sailor of the Year. Unfortunately I was only one more year (2021) in the junior category under 19. But with two Vice World Champion titles, I'm sure I have a justified chance for this award again. Every vote counts - thank you for your support.

GYC V3.jpg

As a guest with Kurt Aeschbacher in the Matinée Sunday 


Welche Ehre: Am Sonntag 27. Nov. durfte ich zusammen mit den weiteren Gästen Dani Arnold (Speed-Kletterer), Bruno Heini (Unternehmer und Krimiautor) und Felizitas Ambauen (Paar-Therapeutin und Bloggerin) in der Talk-Matinée im Kleintheater Luzern mit Kultmoderator Kurt Aeschbacher über meine Leidenschaft sowie Ziele und Herausforderungen im Segelsport diskutieren. Dies war ein sehr gelungener Anlass und für mich eine sehr coole Erfahrung. Vielen Dank für diese Chance. 


Senior European Championship ILCA 6 Hyères, France

I was also able to successfully qualify for the Goldfleet at this major championship with very strong competition. Thanks to several very good races (ranks 18 / 6 / 19 / 10 / 14) I got the 28th place of the 95 European participants.

This top 30 result is very important for my future career.

Ranking:  link           

The fact that my team colleague Maud Jayet was also able to win the European runner-up title was sensational again: Congratulations Maud - well done - I'm proud of you.

Photo:  Mikael Lundh (Coach), Maud & Anja, Toni Otero (Head Coach)

IMG_3224 (002).JPG

Award for young athletes in the canton of Bern

Great honour: alongside Olympic champion Ryan Regez, Beat Feuz (both jointly in the category Sportsman of the Year) and Mujinga Kambundji (Sportswoman of the Year), Franjo von Allmen (Young Sportsman of the Year), I am being awarded Young Sportswoman of the Canton of Bern of the Year 2022. Thank you for this award - thank you for your vote in the online voting. 

newspaper article:link           

Caricature by Adrian Weber:link

IMG_3180 (002).jpg

Many Thanks,Lexus. I am excited to be part of the current Lexus Switzerland brand campaign.

September 26 - October 2 / / / /


Senior  World Championship 9.-16. October Kemah, Texas, USA

I was able to gain important experience at the first Senior World Championships in Texas. It was a success for me to start for the finals in the Goldfleet. 


40th place (of 83 participants)

The fact that my training colleague Maud Jayet sensationally won the Vice World Champion title for Switzerland at the same time was a big highlight. Congratulations Maud, I am proud and grateful to be able to train with you and Mikael Lundh as a team. 

Media info Swiss Sailing Team:link

Texas anja 1.JPG

U21 World Cup in Vilamoura

The U21 World Cup in Vilamoura is not desirableaccording to

lost: no medal,8th place (of 80 participants)

The intensive cooperation with the coach Mikael und 

teammate Maud Jayet brings joy and brings me 

further. We sail in particular in the south of France - but also 

in Holland.


© Sailing Energy / Swiss Sailing Team

Graduation ceremony at Interlaken High School

30 June: Graduation ceremony at Interlaken High School - an important milestone has been reached. Now, in the fall, he will be starting his studies in business administration / communication at the University of Bern. However, sailing will now have priority. 

A big thank you to the Gymnasium Interlaken and all the teachers for their great support. The often heard saying "d'Anja isch more am Sägle than ir Schuel" is not entirely untrue. Thank you very much that this was possible for me and that I was able to successfully complete my Matura. 


SST Team Squad ILCA 6

Start in Palma with the SST Team Squad ILCA 6 (from left:)

- SST ILCA 6 National CoachMichael Lundh

- Rosine Baudet, SNG (B squad)

-Maud Jayet, SNG (A squad, participant Olympia 2021)

- SST Mental Coach Maayke Van der Pluijm 


© Sailing Energy / Swiss Sailing Team

First Elite Fleet Regattas in Spain und France

The transition from the juniors to the elite fleet has been a success so far. A lot of experience has already been gained. Qualification for the Gold Fleet succeeded at the first World Cup in Palma de Mallorca. There is still a lot to learn.  

- World Cup Trofeo Princesa Sofia - Palma de Mallorca  (42nd place out of 85 participants)

- French Olympic Week Hyères (42nd place out of 63 participants)

Nomination SporthilfeTeam Suisse : Young Talent Award 2021


The nomination (total of 5 candidates) for the Young Talent Award 2021 is a great honor and reward for many hardships in recent years.


Video clip:  

Voting for Anja and sailing:  

Voting was open until March 28, 2022, and the award ceremony took place on Friday, April 1 in Zurich. Congratulations to the winner Amy Baserga (biathlete). Many thanks to Sporthilfe for their support. 

New boat: ELEMENTSIXevolution


March 5th: the new boat from E6e has arrived and is ready to be picked up.  Thanks Patric Hubli (Kielwasser) for the support.


New coach and new team

With the commitment of Mikael Lundh as Swiss Sailing Team ILCA 6 National Coach, the training in the elite team SST in Palma de Mallorca will start in March. 


2021: Vice World Champion Laser Radial u19 & ISAF Youth World Championship

2021: Vice World Champion Laser Radial u19 & ISAF Youth WM

With the submission of the Olympic project 2024 to Swiss Sailing Team SST 
now starts a new chapter. With a regatta in Riva del Garda at the beginning

of November, the successful cooperation with Damir Nakrst as head coach

came to an end.

Weltmeisterschaft u19 ISAF ILCA 6: 2. Platz (Mussanah Sports City, Oman)

European Championship Senior ILCA 6: 36th Place (Varna, Bulgaria)

World Championship u19 Laser Radial: 2nd Place (Arco, Italia)

World Championship u21, Laser Radial, 8th Place (Gdynia, Poland)

European Championship u21 Laser Radial: 5th Place (Tivat, Montenegro)

European Championship u19 Laser Radial: 4th Place (Kastela, Croatia)


Award Swiss Junior Sailor of the Year 2019/2020 SUI Sailing